Loving your Fiddle Leaf Fig

A Fiddle Leaf Fig is like a 2-year-old child – absolutely gorgeous when dressed for church but it took some work to get it there.

The fiddle leaf fig has become one of the most stylish and must-have indoor plants. It’s grandness of divine broad and glossy leaves, has the ability to just make a room.

However, like the 2-year-old it requires some love, patience and skill to grow it successfully. It doesn’t have the “Fiddley” word in it for nothing. It requires the correct partnership of light, drainage, consistent watering, fertilisation and a little pruning to shine to its true goddess potential.


The pot’s most important feature is good drainage. The fiddle leaf likes quick draining soil so make sure it has a single large centrally located hole.

You can put some coarse gravel in the pot first, then fill with your soil of premium potting mix.


 The fiddle leaf fig needs a good amount of light to thrive.

North facing windows are the perfect spot. These windows receive twice the winter sun than east or west facing windows.

East facing windows will give it some gentle early morning sun, but it does need stronger sun, and more of it. If you have a room with ample windows in other direction this can create the overall bright light needed.

West facing windows will get your fiddle leaf smashed with intense afternoon rays. Make sure it’s not getting cooked here.

South facing windows will not be a great place for plants. There will not be enough light or warmth here.

Make sure you also rotate 90% every 2 weeks for excellent all – round feeding of good sunlight.


The fiddle leaf fig loves a high ambient humidity – 40-60% seems to be perfect for it to thrive. Keep it out of the direct path of aircon vents, out of the way of drafts and give it a little misting during the driest months and everyone will be happy.


Water your fiddle leaf too much and it will rot. Underwater it and the leaves will dry out and it will look very sad.

Depending on your sunlight level, in with a dim position, they are prone to root rot and need a little less watering.

If your room is bright and sunny or you have open doors and breezes – a little more moisture will be needed.

If you are watering weekly or more, you’re going a little overboard. If your fig has brown spots at the edge, you are probably watering too much.

If your plant is dropping leaves randomly, is going yellow, or the new growth is small and weak, you are letting it out to dry.

Water 7-10 days depending on how much sun you are getting. Before you water, stick your finger deep inside the soil, if its dry for the first inch or so it is ready for some water. If its moist, wait another 2 days or so.

If its dry as far as you can feel, or if the dirt is pulling away from the edges of the pot, you might have to water it a bit more.


The fiddle needs regular and delicious nourishment. Fertilise with a liquid plant food every second time you water, except for the hottest 1-2 months of the year when you can fertilise every single time.

In winter, do not fertilise it until it starts heading out of hibernation and you are doing your spring clean.


Pruning is not so important when you have a baby plant, but when they are getting older you need to get the scissors out to keep it looking great.

As your baby grows, it will start to look more like a tree. Prune dead leaves, and notch or cut the stem to induce new branching.

Dust fig leaves regularly with a soft cloth. Dust can clog up the pores of the leaves and make it difficult for the leaves to function.

So now you have all the tips on how to make this beauty shine and be the plant that is the envy of all your friends.

Breathe Green – surround yourself in Green – it’s the colour of nature.

Live a little – love a little.

Lucy xx


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